Cut The Drama :-B

So i was not dicey as always. I knew how to handle it this time. 😀 ^_^

What do you do when your alter ego is irritated for no reason and you cannot leave them alone but also you cannot handle their hurly-burly anymore? :O >_< They get on your nerves. Hmm. But then you remember that they’ve stood along with you most of the times, gone through bittersweet moments and have dealt with worst of your mood swings? Since they’ve done that for you ever since you’ve been with them, so now its your turn to reciprocate the love they’ve always shown. So now you comprehend and try to empathize with them .

But what if you have to do that for someone totally random who behaved the exactly the same ? Why would you, even for a second, just let it go that easily ? Normal human behavior, isn’t it? You’ll make sure you gift them the worst time of their lifetime while they deal with u .

But does being kind or precisely tranquil- associative with the person you have to deal with? Better, understand the situation instead of the person, because, for once your take might depend on your relation with the person, but proportionally situations  generally don’t manipulate your outlook somehow. Umm, why even act accordingly, when you can just not act! Don’t you think, its you whose being saved after-all? How ? Well, because being cranky disturbs your own mental peace & so does yelling, doesn’t it? Immediately shut down your brain, specially the part that provokes you to react.

Both of these situations had hit me today – that too almost simultaneously & that was what i did & dealt with them. 🙂

So is being poised kinda selfish? ;¬_¬ Is that for your own good or does that save society from us, the bellicose homo-sapiens 😛 ? FIY and do let me know your take in the comments .

Thank you for reading.



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