I don’t know whats happening these days. I’m becoming mature, have started reacting in an even better way towards the situations- life’s literally crushing me under,  & i could have been lost in them. Yes i am being patient, handling everything at my best, but i ain’t happy from inside. Maybe handling everything maturely is hurting me deep down somewhere, because no one likes to act like something they aren’t, solely under pressure. 🙄
How can i be content and calm? 🤔
Its like, just when you thought you are progressing into the right direction, you again lose your way. This was ought to happen, sooner or later. As always, glad it happened early. 🤗
Whom to blame ? God – cause’ you account him for everything big or small, good or bad- that happens in your life ? Or Destiny – because every thing happens for legitimate , plausible reason. 🔃⁉

And i don’t even like these kinda stagnant situations. Either you deal with them or leave them. Just cannot be standing in one place – all lost into yourself, not knowing what to do next. You have to move further. Who has ever grown by being webbed into the same situation? No. I , at least , am not that kind of a girl. You ought to fight your way out. 🚩😊

Believing in time and keeping faith in my destiny, something good will come my way. I’ll grow. I will. Keeping these things in mind, lets get dumb again, back into the situations. 🤓😜


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