Sending Motivation to you all!

I recently bought 2 wall stickers for my room’s decor . So one of these stickers has tree branches with yellow flowers in it.(I’ve put it’s picture taken from the website, below) And the other one is a peaceful sticker of lord buddha meditating with his eyes closed. These stickers come like jumbled pieces of the complete sticker with adhesive coating and a mini version of the whole to show how the final product will look like.


Now comes the main part of the story.

As soon as I recieve the product, I quickly tear off the packaging and throw it away.  I get totally ecstatic seeing my products delivered that I do not check the instructions and directly start picking out jumbled pieces from sheet & paste them on the wall. While completing the final image, I forget that it has to be done in a pattern. By the time I realise it, I am already pasting the last sticker from the sheet. Dejected much, I try taking  one the pieces out from the wall, just to to check if I could re-do their placements. But wall paint comes along to so I’m forced to chuck the plan.

Now I’ll show you guys a picture from my room’s wall which has the sticker in my self created design. Please, do not laugh thinking it’s not even close to the image on website.xx


Yes, I ended up creating this instead of the beautiful tree branches & flowers falling from them just like the orignal one.

By this time I was feeling sad and dumb to have completely forgotten that there was a final image that had to be created with these jumbled pieces. I felt wasted to have ruined the wall and whole sticker along.

And then I saw this mini buddha sticker that came along with the big one. I decided to use it and pasted it in the middle of the whole jungle.

That’s when I actually saw the beauty in the whole mess, adding a new horizon in my life! I saw a buddha, amidst the whole jungle, the disarray – calmly sitting with his eyes closed and unbreakable concentration. He was unperturbed by everything that was going around him.

It gave me a new dimension that day.

Now again check the image of my wall. I hope it makes you realise how small we are in this entire universe and how easy is it to focus on our self growth.

Not everything we believe to be a mess , is a mess actually. Or shall I say, someone’s mess is beauty to someone else. Sometimes it’s good to ignore the instructions and craft your own way to do things! Atleast it helped me this time!

Hope this small incident and my wall inspires you to have focus in life, ignore the negativity in milieu and achieve whatever you wish to 🙂

Goodnight guys.




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