Sorry for being MIA guys, but there has been happening so much lately that I didn’t get a chance to write about anything!

And so today I’d talk about what’s being happening with me these days, hoping that it I’ve borne the brunt much & that, speaking to you guys should probably curb down my stress.

It feels as if I am being pushed into a marsh. Or was it my own choice to happily fuss around with myself once again?

Does it even matter now? What matters RN is how do I pull myself out of it?

But you sink more deeper into the swamp when you try juggling out of it.

And you need some external help in that case.

And the only person who can pull me out of the swamp is the one I want to keep away from the forest itself.


yet again another cycle?

Hoping that it’d fade away soon like the previous ones..

Goodnight guys!



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