I can’t even..



What do you see?

Of course a  beautiful Mirror cube, And?

I see something else too. So i'm going to analogize it for you. Let's go.
  1. 1
    I see that it shuffled state is as beautiful as it unshuffled one.||Our lives are even perfect with their flaws- the stuff we go through daily is necessary. Life’s absolutely kicking like that. We know how humans work. We’ll have everything and then we’ll again be gloomy and talk about the times when we were missing on the parts that we just filled.
  2. 3I see that it still stands tall, w/o being shaky-  even in it’s shuffled state. || And so do we, don’t we? We’re struggling, working, changing- and the only thing constant is that- we are!



Each row and column of the cube is different. || Every moment is unique. If it’s not implicitly at the compile time, then make it as it should have been, explicitly at the run time. ( You knew i am a weird engineer, with an even more weird thought process, don’t you? {pun, anyone?}



It doesn’t need a smooth surface to stand on. It can even stand on one of its edge. || And so can you, hun! However bad -things get, you have to be stable & believe in yourself.

5. I see that there’s this one state it just can not be in. it falls! (Oh snap! I couldn’t even snap it!) And after falling, it finally gets back to its balanced state. || Breaking down is a part of moving on. You need to fall down to stand up again. Kudos- if you’ve never fallen. But even if you did, it’s okay. It just makes you stronger. And as they say, good things about bad time is that good time is about to come. You will get back to normal state. Just wait and watch 😉

And pictures of the shuffle my brother gave to this mirror cube:


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