Not about LOVE.

So the problem is expectation?

That i have done this much & so I should be receiving this much. 

That I can’t even sleep -forget about sleeping , I can’t even let go of a night without solving our issues or making peace amongst ourselves?

 What!!? ??

Is this a girl problem?

Or is this the menace with someone’s personality? Okay then, I am literally despising my personality.

I was looking forward to- waiting for those calls and messages-asking me to stop throwing my attitude and talk. Talk. Talk. And talk. Bring out my anger. And maybe love. Bring out my frustration. And maybe patience, to handle these pathways of life. But!! I was really waiting..

But i guess..

Tables have turned. There are so many new things coming up. And then attention always goes to the recent ones- be it people or things. So! 
So guys.. here i am.. Writing this.. describing it to you people.. and and and

Hoping to feel better.

I think I should just sleep now. Nothing’s gonna happen : /

Goodnight,you guys!


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