Mooood . Swinging at its best.


Do you also feel lonely most of the times-when  you “yourself” chose that way? Wierd. Very wierd.

Your friends are trying to talk to you, be with you- but you want to be alone . To spend time with yourself is your decision, but then why are you feeling depressed because of it? You want to have no one around but then you are sad because no one is actually around. Is this wierd thing happening just with me? Or someone else too is going through this or shares a similar experience . 

It’s so wierd. Lying in bed. Surfing different apps on your phone. Then Closing them the next minute. Closing your eyes, pretending to sleep & And Then getting back to them the next minute. 

What is happening god!

Where am i taking my life. Which is this path- that I don’t want to take  but am still forced to- by some super force. I feel like doing something productive & end up doing nothing: each day. This is definitely not the part that i wanted in my life. 

It’s not the laziness to blame.( I know you were about to point that, but trust me on this. It isn’t laziness.) It’s something with my mood. Something is stuck with it. I’m trying to improve but end up being same each day.

Is that a problem with Geminis only? Or it has got to do something with someone’s personality? 

Someone tell me, please.

 Today was still better guys!  I atleast invested 2 hours in something worthwhile. Something that i wanted to do from long. My god! Writing this actually made me realise that my whole day wasn’t actually a waste. I can never value small little things. So I’m still upset- plainly ignoring the fact that my today was a lil’ beter than yesterday. 

How does one do that- just being happy simply. Without any reason or materialistic means. Help me, you guys! 


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