My take on dating a ‘KEEPER’ ( for both guys and girls )

How are you doing guys? I hope everything is good as always!

Okay so this time i decided to write about something that has started bothering me a lot lately, each time i log into my social media accounts. I promise to at least show you a new perception, if not change your mind completely.

So recently, there has been an increase in number of memes like:

-girls who drink beer and go fishing are keepers.



-guys who wear suits and ties are keepers.

-girls who drink coffee and can cook food are keepers.

And this amazing one

-guys who can comprehend your makeup skills  are keepers .

I thought to die after that. And then, this came :

-girl who serves you after you come home tired, are surely keepers!

And being honest with my readers, going by the image in that meme, serve there implied in every sense possible .


And then,

-guys who listen to you patiently are keepers


Really? What if what all i was talking went in with one ear and came out the other. You never know! He was patient, though!

I’ll be attaching some more interesting ones at the end of this post. Do have a look. And then forget them immediately.

All these posts and their creators and spreaders , who are trying their level best to pull me & millions of others on their side; well do you even realise what you people have done? You’ve created an ‘ideal’ perception of how my man should be or how i should be so that i can be readily accepted by someone . You are judging & probably only criticising my choice. You aren’t accepting my notion & the worst of all, not even letting me to.

So in case I fall for someone, I will have to belong to some sort of ‘keeper’ type to impress my  love? Even I’ll have to struggle to adjust with his habits and personality because what I have seen is that my ideal man should only have certain qualities to be called good enough or for that sake, even feel wanted. It’s  basically like a check list. So if he  texts me good morning and good night after waking up immediately and just before sleeping then he’s good to go! Since in accordance to what I’ve seen- my man’s first and last thought should be only about me. And now it’d trouble me if i get to know it isn’t going the way i have always imagined or thought off.

Stop, will you?

Who are you? My mom? My dad? Or my sibling( maybe I take their opinion on the D-day, maybe I don’t) – to discuss how my partner should be?

Why all this? To earn some likes and of course , popularity . Or maybe to humiliate your ex. Err..  i don’t know man!

Calm! Lemme just explore with what kinda people i would like and what kinda people i wouldn’t, instead of showing me ideal images-‘cz the truth is out . I’ll never get a perfect guy, since we all are humans and  humans have brains and emotions that can turn them into angels or demons or any damn thing in between. But i can surely get someone whom i can be happy with! Lemme just accept my man completely! If he can cook, that’d be like a bonus and even if he is impatient, maybe i can act a little more mature. At last, if we fight, we ought to come back to each other only because of the bond we create and the love that would blossom and not because of some damn fishing and cooking and alcohol habit that attracted me to him!

So now everyone, listen

You have to love that one person without any reason! Reasons can always flip and so can the person possessing them. These constantly nagging memes about those perfect keepers and what kind of a guy you should be with and what kinda girl would be able to keep you happy- shouldn’t  decide for you or opinionate you, even for a second.

Everyone needs love. So what if they don’t know how to prepare weed roles or like wearing jeans instead of suits and ties ? You fell for them because of nothing but just pure love they offered to you, right? So why are u unhappy if they aren’t matching with your keeper checklist? Or they refused to put up with the criteria that everyone’s putting around for judging everyone ? That’d be a different case if you don’t like a thing or two about them and wish if it could be changed! You can always try articulating it to them.. and i promise, they’ll become what you’ve always desired off.( Works only if love has mutually existed;though might take some time.) I call it imperfectly perfect! Everything your elders had ever told you about acceptance of that one person will eventually start making sense, including falling in love with those imperfections!

Just like –

Seeing you happy, makes me happy honey! Because I have always loved you and will always do..


I believe social media has the power to influence people and bring change in them. It does affect us; maybe not that much on some days but highly on others, all depending on situation and mood. Remember this-

I don’t know how people put it in words so easily, all that i ever wanted to say. I can’t even understand sometimes my own thoughts !

Capitalise everything carefully. Believe in yourself and in people you love. Because love can move mountains and it shouldn’t be based on hollow or unachievable assumptions about your special ones!

Here are some more memes, check them out :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And in ” Lilly singh’s” style, see you soon



6 thoughts on “My take on dating a ‘KEEPER’ ( for both guys and girls )

    1. Thank You yash😀😀 . I respect this form of support.
      And yes, people have stopped comprehending all this, hence this blogpost. I hope this does help someone. Thankyou once again !


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