So a friend of mine once commented on my Instagram picture ,” You can look good and I can write good”. Utter sarcasm. Well, i couldn’t understand back then, which of the two C’s did my friend mean? Was it a comment or a compliment? [I accepted it as the 2nd C though 😛 ]. Maybe this still haunts me somewhere and prompted me today to finally give it a shot, challenge myself & start writing again.

I have always liked writing since my middle high school. I’ve even written and edited articles as a part of our school’s entry for TOI’s student edition. It’s still a big thing for me. I was always selected for doing things like these. I have also equally participated in debating, radio shows , anchoring events etc. Nostalgia o_O 😦 . According to me, that’s the initial stage from where you start. (-:

And so that was an era and we’ve today, where we have totally new ‘praks'[yes that’s what my close friends prefer calling me, because they find ‘prakrati'( yes, that’s my name) too long to pronounce]. Still interested in debates and anchoring events & doing things like these to make my life happening and worthy enough. But then, some reasons have just pulled me back. Currently I’ve  kept these EXTRA curriculum activities in ‘extra’s ‘ of my life. So now let’s do something interesting instead of whiling away my time on internet.

So yeah, here’s this blog, that i am starting, to bring out the better version of me, maybe I improve myself in this process and then i can finally answer back to that person ?:-P JK. Basically to help everyone and in that process- my self too. Because i love talking & though, I’m always confused (because i am a Gemini) in the situations that life loves throwing at me everyday, but then, I am a great adviser too.(that’s what my friends have always told me). And of course, to make my life a little happening again.

I have endless stories to discuss on endless topics. I hope you connect with them, and I help you in bringing out your stories (em, frustrations, sometimes) too? Well, I’m always ready to listen , seriously. Discuss and let it out .That’s what I’ll be doing now 😛
So tell me your views, I’m ready for remarks too. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect? Comment your ideas or stories or any type of views about this post or any god damn thing in this world.

Thank you for reading so far. It seriously does matter. I hope you like my first ever attempt as a blogger. Trust me I am that kinda person who loves to be credited for smallest of the tasks, and so your act of reading this is like a credit to me. Gimme some more by commenting 😛 JK, anyways, thank you again 😀 :-*


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